Thursday, March 29, 2012

Northrop Grumman Awards BCP $4,500 Grant to Pilot Calvert School Curriculum

Northrop Grumman has awarded BCP a grant of $4,500 to implement its new Middle Grades Initiative. The Initiative involves piloting the highly-regarded Calvert School Homeschool Curriculum with 40 seventh graders at City Springs Elementary/Middle School.

Goals of the initiative include improving writing skills, vocabulary, and content knowledge in science, history and geography.

For over one hundred years, Calvert School has carefully crafted an integrated, classical homeschool curriculum, which was developed by expert curriculum staff and proven in the Calvert Day School.

The Seventh Grade Homeschooling Curriculum allows students to build strong grammar and composition skills through descriptive and expository writing.

The science program delves into the life and physical sciences and introduces students to the characteristics of living things, sound, light, motion, forces, and energy.

Geography explores a variety of subjects such as thematic maps and the Eastern hemisphere.

History covers the development of the modern world from the fall of Rome to the Enlightenment.

We anticipate that the Calvert Curriculum will help our middle grades students master the material they need to succeed in high school and beyond.

If the pilot proves successful, BCP will expand the program to include grades six and eight and the other BCP schools.