Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Brenda Kahn to Present at National DI Conference

BCP Academic Coach Brenda Kahn will present a session on literacy activities for the primary classroom at the Association for Direct Instruction's 38th Annual National Direct Instruction Conference in Eugene, Oregon this summer.

Brenda's session, Reading Extension Activities and Learning Centers for Primary Grades, will provide information and training on how to incorporate literacy activities correlated with the Direct Instruction curriculum into the primary classroom.

Participants will look at a variety of supplemental materials linked to the early levels of Reading Mastery. These materials will include those published by SRA, ERI, and J/P Associates, as well as other published supplements.

Training will focus on how to design your own materials and how to plan learning centers that support and enhance Reading Mastery. Participants will have the opportunity to share activities and ideas through a facilitated discussion.

Congratulations Brenda!