Sunday, April 29, 2012

Collington High School Choice Results

The results of this year’s high school choice results for Collington Square School are finally here! Our 8th graders were accepted into many fantastic high schools including entrance criteria schools, charter schools, vocational-technical schools, interview schools and private schools.
  • 78% of students were accepted into their 1st or 2nd choice schools.
  • 96% of students were accepted or wait listed at their 1st or 2nd choice schools. 
  • 34% of students were accepted into entrance criteria schools. 
  • 43% of students were accepted or wait listed at entrance criteria schools. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Collington Square April 2012 Newsletter

Check out Collington Square Elementary/Middle School's April 2012 newsletter at:

  • Black History Quilting Project
  • Lady Eagles Cheerleading Squad
  • Higher Achievement Program News
  • Collington Goes into the Recording Studio
  • High School Choice Results: 78% of students got accepted into their 1st or 2nd choice schools and 96% of students got accepted or wait listed at their 1st or 2nd choice schools.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Joe Ehrmann Provides Training for East Baltimore Coaches

Joe Ehrmann Provided Training for 31 East Baltimore Coaches on March 10th

On March 10, 2012 Joe Ehrmann provided an inspiring training for 31 coaches from across East Baltimore. Participating schools and organizations included City Springs Elementary/Middle School, Hampstead Hill Academy, BCTS, Baltimore Freedom Academy, and Inner Harbor East Academy.

The training was presented by Coach for America and Living Classrooms Foundation. This was the first of 2 trainings for coaches who plan to use the newly-renovated City Springs Field and the soon-to-be renovated Utz Field in Patterson Park - two projects managed by Living Classrooms Foundation.

"The training with Joe was amazing," said City Springs Elementary/Middle Physical Education Instructor Tavon McGee.

"He highlighted the importance of being a life coach to our young athletes. If we coach and teach with the competitive drive of building character and molding young men, the win/loss column will become the least important factor of defining a GREAT coach."

Joe Ehrmann is an inspirational speaker and seminar leader who works with corporate, civic and community organizations and associations to promote growth, teamwork, effectiveness and individual responsibility. He played professional football for 13 years and was Colts Man of the Year.

We would like to thank Joe Ehrmann, Coach for America, and Living Classrooms Foundation for providing this amazing opportunity for our coaches.

About Coach for America
Coach for America provides keynotes, workshops and seminars built on a solid foundation of current research theories and techniques. This unique and powerful method promises to improve the performance of your team on the field, at the office and in the home.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Abell Foundation Awards BCP $108K Grant for City Springs Academic Technology Project

The Abell Foundation has awarded the Baltimore Curriculum Project a grant of $108,000 to support the City Springs Academic Technology Project.

The grant will fund the purchase of 111 tablet computers, which will be utilized by seventh and eighth graders at City Springs Elementary/Middle School as part of their daily instruction and during an after-school academic support program.

Currently, seventh and eighth grade students at City Springs only have computer access at school once a week and 42% do not have Internet access at home.

Providing increased computer access will allow students to complete their academic work at a high level and gain the skills they need to succeed in high school and beyond.

The project includes four components:
  1. Achieve 3000 – a web-based reading and writing instruction solution, which improves reading comprehension, vocabulary and writing;

  2. Perfect Paper Program – a program that requires students to revise compositions until they meet high standards in order to improve writing skills;

  3. Algebra - Ace High School Math Algebra, Khan Academy videos, and possibly other apps will be used for differentiated algebra instruction; and

  4. After-School Academic Support Program/Parent Engagement - the after-school program will provide additional computer time, homework support, and draw parents into the school to use the tablets and support their children academically. Parents will also receive tablet training. The program will target the 44 students without home Internet access.
We anticipate that increased access to Achieve3000 and word-processing programs on the tablets will accelerate reading comprehension, fluency, writing proficiency, vocabulary development and Maryland School Assessment scores for reading.

Differentiated algebra instruction using the tablets will improve algebra skills for high and low performers.

The after-school program will increase parent volunteerism and engagement, and tablet training will increase parent technology skills.

We would like to thank the Abell Foundaton for supporting the Academic Technology Project.

Brenda Kahn to Present at National DI Conference

BCP Academic Coach Brenda Kahn will present a session on literacy activities for the primary classroom at the Association for Direct Instruction's 38th Annual National Direct Instruction Conference in Eugene, Oregon this summer.

Brenda's session, Reading Extension Activities and Learning Centers for Primary Grades, will provide information and training on how to incorporate literacy activities correlated with the Direct Instruction curriculum into the primary classroom.

Participants will look at a variety of supplemental materials linked to the early levels of Reading Mastery. These materials will include those published by SRA, ERI, and J/P Associates, as well as other published supplements.

Training will focus on how to design your own materials and how to plan learning centers that support and enhance Reading Mastery. Participants will have the opportunity to share activities and ideas through a facilitated discussion.

Congratulations Brenda!