Tuesday, January 31, 2012

BCP Seeks President/CEO

Dear Friends of the Baltimore Curriculum Project:

The Baltimore Curriculum Project’s Founding President, Muriel Berkeley, will be retiring this year.

BCP was Muriel’s vision. Motivated by her affection for the City’s public school students and her conviction that a research-based curriculum delivered by well- trained, hard working, highly motivated school personnel is an essential component of a successful school, Muriel has led BCP to where it is today.

Finding a successor for our Founding President will be a difficult task.

A Search Committee has been formed and we have begun advertising for applicants. We are certain that our best chance of finding the perfect person is if people like you, who know BCP, get the word out to friends who might be interested and urge them to apply.

Click here to view the job description (PDF file). It is also posted on our website: www.baltimorecp.org. We are asking that requests for information and applications be sent electronically to bcpsearchcommittee@yahoo.com.

Hats off to Muriel and her amazing tenure with BCP and thanks in advance for your help as we move forward.

George Hess Anne S. Perkins
Chair, Board of Directors Chair, Search Committee