Friday, April 4, 2014

Notre Dame of Maryland University Supports Wolfe Street Academy

Tutors from Notre Dame of Maryland University's
School of Nursing 

Wolfe Street Academy, the Baltimore Curriculum Project and Notre Dame of Maryland University's School of Nursing have formed a partnership to create a new tutoring program at Wolfe Street Academy (WSA).

Last May Dr. Sabita Persaud, RN, Assistant Professor of Nursing and Coordinator of the Community Health program at Notre Dame of Maryland University (NDM), reached out to the Baltimore Curriculum Project to discuss potential opportunities for a partnership. After identifying Wolfe Street Academy's after-school program as the best fit, Sabita met with WSA Director of Extended Student Services Kathy Stroup to flesh out the details.

The NDM tutoring program began with an in-service training/orientation led by Kathy Stroup, BCP Academic Coach Sue Lattimore, and WSA Instructional Support Teacher Rosemary Byron on January 30th. This was followed by a "Get-to-Know-You" session with the tutors and their small groups of students.

"The fifteen Notre Dame nursing students were very enthusiastic and brought five more volunteers than expected," said Sue Lattimore.

The tutors engaged thirty-three WSA students in targeted academic games and homework support designed to meet the students' individual needs. Games and songs were used to reinforce key skills identified by the students' teachers.

Since February 6th, the tutors have worked with students once a week from 3:30pm -5:00pm.

"This is a wonderful boost for the Wolfe Street students and the Notre Dame volunteers report that they feel very effective and supported by Wolfe's teachers." said Sue Lattimore.

Every third or fourth session, the tutors have had a mini-training session to teach them additional games, cheers, and strategies for helping the students master skills that are directly linked to what they need to succeed in their classroom programs.

"Connecting after-school with Sabita has been a fantastic opportunity for us. In addition to providing tutoring, the nursing students are sponsoring our upcoming health fair as part of their class project." said Kathy Stroup.
"Sabita has also donated prizes to help motivate students to engage in extracurricular reading. Amazing!"
We would like to thank Notre Dame of Maryland University's School of Nursing, Dr. Sabita Persaud, RN and all of the nursing students for supporting Wolfe Street Academy.

About the NDM School of Nursing
The Notre Dame of Maryland School of Nursing prepares students to be compassionate and professional nurses in an intimate classroom environment with hands-on experience. Notre Dame of Maryland offers both a Bachelors of Science and a Master of Science in Nursing. Notre Dame's program is small enough to transform individual students through reflective practice, engaging and challenging class discussions and faculty mentoring. Yet it is large enough to help you transform the world through service learning and study abroad opportunities. And Notre Dame nurses often become leaders in academic and service settings, and health-related organizations.
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