Monday, November 25, 2013

City Springs and Hampstead Hill Prevail in BUDL Tournament

Congratulations to the debate teams from City Springs Elementary/Middle School and Hampstead Hill Academy on their outstanding performance in the first Baltimore Urban Debate League Elementary/Middle School Tournament of the season! Here's how they did...

City Springs Elementary/Middle School
1st place Open - Dayonah Cabean and Darren Meredith
5th place Open - Breyana Wade and Sheaira Madden
7th place Open - Jordin Matthews and Kaye Marie Lumayog
2th place Elementary - Devin Bradford and Ronald Wingate
24th place Elementary - Anaya Purvis and August Baker
14th place Novice - Daijanae Stewart and Keyshawn DeBose

Hampstead Hill Academy
The HHA team placed 1st for the entire tournament. In the Elementary Division, Alden Edwards placed 19th in Individual Awards.

In the Novice Division, HHA had the following team awards:
12th Place: Angely Yupa and Michaela Kirk
10th Place: Jorge Castro and Shirley Garcia
6th Place: Austin Korycki and Gregory Rosario
5th Place: Ronnie Huggins and Alex Vasylyshyn
3rd Place: Sara Flores and Aaron Sutton and
1st Place: Brandon Castle and Anthony Sanchez.

In the Novice Division, HHA had the following Individual Awards:
17th Place: Jose Portillo
13th Place: Jorge Castro
11th Place: Alex Vasylyshyn
10th Place: Gregory Rosario
9th Place: Austin Korycki
8th Place: Sara Flores
7th Place: Brandon Castle
5th Place: Ronnie Huggins
2nd Place: Anthony Sanchez.

In the JV Division, HHA had the following Team Awards:
4th Place: Laura Brown and Ethan Franetovich.

In the JV Division, HHA had the following Individual Awards
7th Place: Laura Brown and
2nd Place: Ethan Franetovich.