Tuesday, February 10, 2009

BCP and ECSM's Club at Collington

George Wills, founder and Chairman of Wills & Associates, commented on the work of BCP and ECSM's Club at Collington in his business blog (http://www.citybizlist.com/blog/wills/) on February 9, 2009.

"The Maryland State Government must push school administrators to reform spending habits and focus on teachers in the classrooms. Students need more individual attention. I volunteered at Baltimore's "Club at Collington Square" after-school program for elementary and middle school kids. This program is operated by a private non-profit foundation: Episcopal Community Services, with high level talent from two Maryland Institute College of Art graduates who use art education and math training as creative motivators. That program, along with outreach efforts from the privately funded Baltimore Curriculum Project are examples of results rather than rhetoric. Maryland has an especially good resource in Superintendent of Schools Nancy Grasmick. Politicians should back her efforts and those initiated by Baltimore City Superintendent Dr. Andre Alonzo."