Monday, February 10, 2014

City Springs Students Attend "War Horse"

Last night over 60 students from City Springs Elementary/Middle School and about 20 staff members from City Springs, BCP and Hampstead Hill Academy attended a performance of War Horse at the Hippodrome.

The experience was made possible by a generous ticket subsidy provided by the Hippodrome Foundation and donations from individual donors.

Students and staff were enthralled by the performance; especially the horses, which came to life under the expert hands of the puppeteers. At the climactic moment when the play's star, a horse named Joey, is about to be put down, several of the students cried: "Noooo!"

City Springs seventh graders read the Book War Horse last semester in connection with their study of World War I, which is part of the new Middle Grades Core Knowledge Curriculum being developed by BCP.

In October  the Children’s Bookstore Educational Foundation 85 copies of War Horse for the students to keep. Attending the play was the perfect way for the students to deepen their knowledge and understanding of World War I.

We would like to thank the Hippodrome Foundation, Olive Waxter (Director, Hippodrome Foundation), the Children's Bookstore Educational Founation, and JoAnn Fruchtman (Owner, The Children’s Bookstore) for supporting our students. We would also like to thank the following individuals for helping us purchase the tickets for "War Horse": Dave & Doe Corcoran, Brenda Kahn, Frank ODonnell, Carl Pelton, Joel Rosado, Michele Sabean, Liz Trimmer, and John Ziemann.