Saturday, November 29, 2014

Gathering of Champions at City Springs EMS

By Abby Baldwin, Child First Community School Coordinator at City Springs EMS

On Tuesday October 28th City Springs EMS hosted a breakfast for all the positive male role models in our students lives. The "Gathering of Champions" was presented by Johnny C. Carrington Jr. Consulting Services.

Mr. Carrington provided encouragement for all of the positive male role models saying,
"Women are obviously important in our lives, we wouldn't be here without them. But have you ever seen the joy that comes over a child's face when Dad stops by a classroom unannounced? It's like a spark of light that goes off for them, they get filled with pride!"
Over 17 male family members attended the breakfast. We would like to thank Mr. Carrington for providing this wonderful opportu
nity for City Springs.