Monday, October 27, 2014

Kyle Garrison Prepares Kids for Success On and Off the Court

In addition to working as a paraeducator at City Springs Elementary/Middle School and coaching the City Springs basketball team, Kyle Garrison serves as Director of the Baltimore Lil Dribblers Basketball League (LDBL).

LDBL, which was founded by Rob Moore in Wilmington, Delaware, prepares boys and girls ages 3-12 for success on and off the court. The program teaches basketball skills, science, and reading comprehension.

"During a recent door-knocking event in Douglass Homes, one of the Grandmas we met asked us to let Coach Garrison know how much they appreciate his support for the community," said BCP Executive Vice President Larry Schugam.

"Every week last summer Coach Garrison spent time in the neighborhood teaching kids to play basketball."

We would like to thank Coach Garrison for everything he does for our students at City Springs.

For more information about the Baltimore LDBL visit: