Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sylvan/Laureate's "Book Adventure" Supports Literacy in BCP Schools

We would like to thank the Sylvan/Laureate Foundation (SLF) and Project Director Sharon Morgenthaler for providing over $1,000 in new books for Hampstead Hill Academy and Wolfe Street Academy. The books  are part of a new Book Adventure partnership between the Sylvan/Laureate Foundation and the Baltimore Curriculum Project.

Book Adventure is a free online reading motivation program for schools and youth programs that serve primarily low-income Baltimore City students, grades K-7. SLF supports use of Book Adventure with training and technical assistance; help with reading events; and with new books for students and schools.

Book Adventure offers kid-friendly technology that motivates young readers to increase reading frequency, duration and comprehension. SLF’s work with Book Adventure supports local and national efforts to close the gap in reading achievement that separates many low-income students from their peers.

How Book Adventure Works

After reading a book, a student logs onto Book Adventure to take a comprehension quiz, earn points for completed quizzes, and redeem points for online prizes. As funds allow, SLF supplements prizes with new books for students to take home. Students can also join reading teams and competitions and access reading, math and science games through the Book Adventure site. Book Adventure is easy to navigate, engaging for students, teachers and parents, and accessible via computer from home, school or library.

Book Adventure can supplement your current literacy curriculum.

Book Adventure offers fiction and non-fiction reading experiences, reading to learn and think about text, and moving on a continuum of challenge within a grade level. The quizzes encourage inquiry-based reading with a combination of reading for information, word work, analysis such as compare/contrast, learning key concepts of fiction and non-fiction, and relating context to “real” life issues relevant to the reader.

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