Friday, October 25, 2013

Legg Mason Supports BCP Schools with $30,000 Gift

We would like to thank Legg Mason for their very generous gift of $30,000 in support of City Springs Elementary/Middle School, Hampstead Hill Academy and Wolfe Street Academy. Legg Mason has been a steadfast partner with the Baltimore Curriculum Project for over six years, providing volunteers and support for a variety of programs and initiatives.

About the Legg Mason Charitable Foundation
Legg Mason has a long history of supporting community efforts philanthropically through the Legg Mason Charitable Foundation.  We believe that investing in our communities is an important part of our corporate responsibility and that giving back  to the community is more than just good business.  Through our charitable giving, we invest in areas that promote community well-being- from reducing poverty, providing food and shelter, improving education, encouraging the arts, and more.  To us, philanthropy is a covenant between the company and the communities where we work and it is a consistent call to action:  to help make our communities strong and vibrant for all.