Thursday, April 13, 2017

HHA Principal Interviewed on The Real Baltimore

Hampstead Hill Academy Principal Matt Hornbeck was recently interviewed on the latest episode of The Real Baltimore on The Real News Network.
"I think that small charters and small traditional schools both suffer from scale issues that are very difficult to overcome, and you can't have what looks like a school, if you don�t have a certain number of kids. My own experience in a school that's at scale, and large, and we have been able to resource everything we wanted to do over the years. And the Baltimore Curriculum Project is a great non-profit operator that's been around for two decades in Baltimore City, and they are good partners in the work. There are a number of charters suing the district for even more funding. Our school is not part of that lawsuit and we don't think that that is necessary," said Mr. Hornbeck.