Monday, January 13, 2014

Community Supports Wolfe Street Academy Teachers

Blaise and Renee D'Ambrosio at the UFPIA
2013 Teacher Wish List Party in December
We would like to thank Blaise D'Ambrosio for making a generous donation of $200 to support Wolfe Street Academy teachers through the Upper Fells Point Improvement Association's (UPFIA) Teacher Wish List Project. We would also like to thank the T. Rowe Price Foundation for matching this gift.

Since many teachers pay for classroom supplies out of their own pockets, each year UPFIA asks them to make a wish list of items needed. Then community members make those wishes come true by donating those items. A celebration party was held for the teachers and donors on December 7th."

We would also like to thank UPFIA, Barbara Moore and all of the other donors who support our teachers.

For a complete list of UPFIA 2013 Teacher's Wish List Project donors visit: