Tuesday, June 4, 2013

CareFirst Beautifies City Springs Elementary/Middle School

CareFirst's "Team Blue" Replanting Planters

On Thursday May 30th from 11 am to 2 pm, seven volunteers from CareFirst's Team Blue participated in a gardening and beautification project at City Springs Elementary/Middle School as a "soft launch" for their partnership with the school. 

The volunteers included Jade Mills, Jennifer Lew, Bharat Prajapati, Yvette Washington, Robert Lewis, Bonnie Downing, and Carolyn Dorsey. The day began with an address from Principal Rhonda Richetta. Community Resource Coordinator Simone Garrison provided supported for the project.

Volunteer activities included:

  • Clearing out and planting existing planters in back parking lot
  • Replanting and re-mulching 8 planters and one 4-tiered flower bed
  • Picking up litter around the school grounds
  • Mulching tree pits around the school perimeter (Caroline Street)
  • Removing debris, turn soil, add mulch

We would like to thank CareFirst and BVU Maryland for making this project possible.