Friday, November 9, 2012

Why Wolfe Street Academy is the Best School in Baltimore

Lettis Kelly Zavala, 5th Grader
Wolfe Street Academy
By Lettis Kelly Zavala
5th Grade Student, Wolfe Street Academy

Wolfe Street Academy is a great school. I have learned a lot. The teachers there care about us. They want you to learn and have a great education. The science teachers is fun. She teaches you many things. I learned about the Solar System and molecules. Two hundred kids go to Wolfe Street Academy (WSA). Mr. Kauffman is the ESOL teacher for Reading and Language Arts. Inn After School, he is the teacher for chess.

Ms. Byron helps out too. She comes to classes to see how the classes are acting. She does checkouts to see how you are doing. Mr. Gaither is the principal of the school. He watches out for us. WSA is a very good school. I wish I could stay there. If there were more grades, you would learn more.

WSA is the best school in Baltimore. In After School they teach you how to play instruments, how to make robots, do projects and make weight bridges.

They have good food for lunch. They take care of the children and are happy to have them. They also give you breakfast and lunch. WSA is a very good school so take your kids. I have been there since 4th grade. I have learned a lot in 4th grade. Those were the best 2 years of school. They don't just make you do work they let you have some fun too! The principal also jokes around sometimes.