Monday, October 17, 2011

Hopkins Community Affairs Office Supports Science Education

We would like to thank the Johns Hopkins Government and Community Affairs - Office of Community Services for donating 10 microscopes and 25 goggles to Wolfe Street Academy to support science education. Thank you also to Carolyn Chance, Program Development Coordinator for the Office of Community Services, for making this donation possible.

Science teacher Maura Farrall was very excited about the donations...
Thank you thank you, thank you! Today I set up a table with 5 microsopes so students could look at everything from mosquito heads to a piece of their hair to pollen! They loved it! Even the kindergarten students were able to stand on a stool to use the microscopes! What a lot of excitement in science classes today..students who don't get to come until tomorrow are very excited because they heard about the new microscopes from others. We are about to start cell units, these microscopes are amazing! - Maura Farrall, Science Teacher, Wolfe Street Academy
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