Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wolfe Awarded MAEF Urban Youth Garden Grant

The Maryland Agricultural Education Foundation (MAEF) has awarded Wolfe Street Academy a $350 Urban Youth Garden grant to create a community garden. The grant is part of MAEF's AG Returns to the City program and their Edible Classroom Youth Gardening Project.

The goal of the Edible Classroom Youth Gardening Project is to increase the awareness of and appreciation for agriculture in the lives of urban students through hands-on gardening and classroom activities that meet MSDE’s State Curriculum. By implementing MAEF’s mission, this project offers students direct experience with growing, harvesting and preparing fresh foods while learning plant requirements, growing conditions, nutrition and wellness.

Thank you to MAEF for supporting Wolfe Street Academy and congratulations to Kathy Stroup for writing the grant proposal!

To learn more about MAEF visit: http://www.maefonline.com/