Friday, March 12, 2010

Hampstead Hill Academy Principal on WYPR

Hampstead Hill Academy Principal Matt Hornbeck talks about No Child Left Behind on WYPR 88.1FM (March 12, 2010)

Matt Hornbeck, principal at Hampstead Hill Academy, will never forget a few years ago when his school failed to meet "Adequate Yearly Progress" that's government lingo for determining which schools are failures.

"In 13 of 14 categories, we met every goal, but in that one category, we did not. Twelve students passed and 13 needed to and that resulted in the entire school being labeled a failing school."

Hornbeck says the difference of one student's score gave Hampstead Hill the label.

"The worst thing is you get your name in the paper. And that really hurts."

Hornbeck turned things around before Hampstead Hill had to shut its doors. But every year he worries about the No Child Left Behind stigma.

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